Data from a multiple baseline design conducted by Schutte, Malouff, & Brown (2008). Case 4 is excluded because nearly all of these measurements are at the upper extreme of the scale. The variables are as follows:

  • case. Participant identifier.

  • week. Measurement occasion.

  • treatment. Factor indicating baseline or treatment phase.

  • fatigue. Fatigue severity scale scores.


A data frame with 136 rows and 4 variables


Schutte, N. S., Malouff, J. M., & Brown, R. F. (2008). Efficacy of an emotion-focused treatment for prolonged fatigue. Behavior Modification, 32(5), 699-713. doi:10.1177/0145445508317133


Pustejovsky, J. E., Hedges, L. V., & Shadish, W. R. (2014). Design-comparable effect sizes in multiple baseline designs: A general modeling framework. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 39(4), 211-227. doi:10.3102/1076998614547577